Cultural studies and Anthropology


The MA programme Cultural studies and Anthropology is conducted by the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (currently under reorganisation).

Basic information

Programme type: MA university programme
Degree title: MA in culturl studies and anthropology
Programme duration: two years (four semestres)
NR of ECTS: 120 (60 per year)

Programme Descriptiontop

Master study (2nd level) program Cultural studies and anthropology is the only program in Slovenia, which connects anthropology, ethnology and cultural studies. Courses of the program offers subject on epistemology of humanities, qualitative research and comparative analysis of contemporary societies and cultures. In includes topics of everyday life, mobility and migrations, mass media and popular cultures, performances of culture and art and philosophical studies on visually.

Programme coursestop

Year 1

Year 2

Internal elective courses

Contemporary anthropological theories

Ethnology of Europe

Kinship and social structure

Practicum of historical and social anthropology

Anthropology of Development

Anthropology of religion

Selected chapters from cultural studies

Migration, globalisation and transculturality

Gender studies

Postcolonial theories and social politics

Semiotics of visual culture

Culture of mixedness

Popular culture and critique of popular culture

Cultural studies and information technology

Visual studies

Internal elective courses (Student selects 2 courses)

Internal elective courses (Student selects 2 courses)

Anthropology of fertility and birth

External elective courses (Student select 3 courses)

Master's thesis

Anthropology of Performance