Miha Koderman, Phd.


        Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate

        e-mail: miha.koderman@fhs.upr.si

        Office No. 30



BA: Introduction to Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Regional Geography of Europe – Selected Topics, Southeastern Europe – Field Seminar, Economic and Social Geography, Central and Western Europe – Field Seminar

MA: Planning of transport and tourism, Contemporary geographical processes in Mediterranean

PhD: /

Research fields

Human geography, economic geography, protected areas, geography of tourism, geography of migration, Slovenian emigrant communities 

Selected bibliography


  • KODERMAN, Miha, PAVLIČ, Marko. Second homes in the Slovenian Alps with special emphasis on the Municipality of Bovec. Hrvatski geografski glasnik. 2019, 81, 1, 61-81.
  • OPAČIĆ, Vuk Tvrtko, KODERMAN, Miha. Interrelations between spatial distribution of tourism and the second homes in Croatia and Slovenia. Geografski vestnik, 2019, 91, 1, 49-79.
  • OPAČIĆ, Vuk Tvrtko, KODERMAN, Miha. From socialist Yugoslavia to the European Union : second home development in Croatia and Slovenia. In: HALL, Colin Michael, MÜLLER, Dieter K. (eds.). The Routledge handbook of second home tourism and mobilities. Abingdon (Oxon); New York: Routledge, 2018, 167-178.
  • PELC, Stanko, KODERMAN, Miha (eds.). Nature, Tourism and Ethnicity as Drivers of (De)Marginalization : Insights to Marginality from Perspective of Sustainability and Development. Cham: Springer International Publishing, cop. 2018. Perspectives on Geographical Marginality, vol. 3.




  • BI-HR / 18-19-022 ARRS bilateral cooperation Slovenia / Croatia (2018-2019): "Comparative analysis of spatial development of tourism in protected areas of Croatia and Slovenia" (project leader)