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Here you will find most information regarding your study at FHŠ (Academic Year Calendar, Schedule, Guide Book, Call for Applications Into Study Programmes, Student’s Manual, Rules Set, (various) Entry Forms, Fees, information regarding mobility and content selection, List of Tutors, Office Hours of Faculty Administrative Services, miscellaneous).


Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar  2021 2022

Students' Manualtop

Student’s Manual for the Academic year 2016/2017


You can access the schedules of the current Academic year via VIS entry site.

The Calendar Week (Koledarski teden) window shows you the beginning of each semester. You access your own curriculum/courses as follows:

Click on the window Sort (Vrsta) and choose the option Years (Letniki), then click on the window Element and select enrolled study programme with its Academic year. (e. g. 1st year student enrolled for a course of History (Zgodovina) choose 1ZGO).

At each student’s year primary courses of the selected study programme are displayed, whereas the schedules of secondary courses (esp. 1st year students) are listed under the study programmes which offer the course. (e. g. For choosing a secondary course Introduction to the History Science (Uvod v študij zgodovine), click on 1ZGO). For easier direction, see the curriculum of your study programme.

Please choose wisely and with preference for your primary schedule over secondary one. Courses should not overlap. Courses are semestrial and they ought to be found either in the (first) autumn semester or in the (second) spring semester of the Academic year.

Contemporary notificationstop

FHŠ’s Office of Faculty Administrative Services mainly informs via e-information desk (ŠIS) where you find information about ongoing events of the Faculty, information about administrative changes regarding pedagogical processes, library and international news, and other important study affairs.


On 11/14/2005 at the Rectoral Conference the Resolution on the National Higher Education Programme had been signed among the University of Ljubljana, the University of Maribor, and the University of Primorska. By the virtue of the Resolution, a student of the University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities, can, therefore, perform a part of primary student obligations at the related study programme at one of the other two Universities listed above.
More information about the mentioned mobility is available at the offical website of UP.


Content selection at UPtop

University of Primorska (UP) aspires to offer its students the widest possible range of secondary courses. For this purpose, in April 2008, the University adopted Guidelines for Preparation and Implementation Procedures of Study Programmes, Formed and/or Implemented by Different Members of UP which enable students to choose courses at other University member Faculties; where they preform studying and examination duties and accumulate Credit points that are recognized as a part of obligatory studying duties at the respective member of the UP.

More information about content selection is available at the official website of UP.