The tutoring system is established with the aim of providing versatile assistance and support to the students of the Faculty. Tutors offer information concerning study process and its content, they assist with the choice of optional courses, and they facilitate with practical advice concerning curricular and extra-curricular activities. Tutors are university professors and their colleagues, scientific associates, and students. Student tutor can be any full-time or part-time student who successfully finished first year study programme at UP FHŠ’s undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral study programme(s).

List of Student and Teacher Tutors


Department Teachers
Dept. of Anthropology and Cultural Studies doc. dr. Aleksandra Schuller
Dept. of Archaeology and Heritage Studies asist. mag. Neža Čebron-Lipovec – tutor for students of Heritage (graduate)
doc. dr. Zrinka Mileusnić – tutor for students of archaeology (graduate) and archaeological heritage (MA)
Dept. of Geography doc. dr. Valentina Brečko Grubar – tutor for students of geography (MA)
izr. prof. dr. Gregor Kovačič – tutor for students of geografije (graduate)
doc. dr. Miha Koderman – tutor for ERASMUS students
Dept. of Italian Studies doc. dr. Jadranka Cergol
Dept. of Media Studies izr. prof. dr. Karmen Medica
Dept. of Slovene Studies

doc. dr. Marcello Potocco
dr. Vladka Tucovič (tutor for OPP)

Dept. of Applied Linguistics doc. dr. Ana Beguš (tutor for OPP)
Dept. of History doc. dr. Petra Kavrečič (coordinator)