The two-course study programme Anthropology is conducted by the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Studies.

Basic information

Programme type: two-course university programme (BA)
Degree title: BA in anthropology and …
Programme duration: three years (six semestres)
NR of ECTS: 90 (30 per year)

Programme goalstop

The study programme Anthropology (undergraduate programme) is a three-year study programme, which offers courses on social anthropology and ethnology. It includes topics such as the way of life of several social groups (e.g. generational, social, territorial, ethnic, occupational, religious, etc.), the social structures (e.g. families), processes in different human groups (e.g. cultural adaptation, assimilation, formation of identities, etc.) and the material world with its symbolic dimensions (tradition, religion, mythical traditions, etc.). Program deals with topics from the perspective of different socio-historical perspectives and covers anthropological studies on the Slovene ethnic territory, in the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Students get acquainted with contemporary local and global processes in the post-socialist and postcolonial world. 

Programme coursestop

Each course is evaluated with 6 (ECTS).

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Basic courses



Anthropology of the Mediterranean

Practicum of terrain (fieldwork) research

Regional Ethnographies: America

Introduction to social and cultural anthropology

Regional ethnographies: Europe

Post colonialism and indigenous politics

Selected topics from ethnology

Medical Anthropology

Time and space in ancient civilisations

Kin and kinship anthropology

Identities and migrations

Ethnology of belief 

Introduction to intercultural thinking

External elective course 1, 2

External elective course 1

Courses od other double major studies program

Courses od other double major studies program

Courses od other double major studies program