The two-course study programme Archaeology is conducted by the Department of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

Basic information

Programme type: two-course university programme (BA)
Degree title: BA in archaeology and …
Programme duration: three years (six semestres)
NR of ECTS: 90 (30 per year)

Programme Description

Students will receive general education in the field of archaeological heritage in the broadest meaning of the term; they will learn about basic concepts of recognition, recording, evaluation, documentation and protection of archaeological heritage and its importance for modern life. They will be trained for independent basic work and for performing professional and technical tasks, i.e. in museums, cultural heritage institutes, media, tourism, regional development organizations, NGOs and companies primarily concerned with the basic activity of preventive archeology.

Programme courses

Each course is evaluated with 6 ECTS.


1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Methodology of Archaeological Research History and Theory of Arhceaological Research Bysantium - the Heir to the Roman Empire
Archaeology of the Early Stone Age History of Greece and Rome Archaeology and the Public
Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean Latin and Basic Epigraphy 2 Archaeology of the Early Middle Age
Archaeology of the Neolithic and Eneolithic Rome and Its Provinces Archaeology of the Middle Age and the Modern Era
Archaeology of Metal Periods Arts History of Greece and Rome Between Archaeology and Ethnology
Latin and Basic Epigraphy 1 Courses of the other selected field final thesis*
Courses of the other selected field Courses of the other selected field