The single course study programme History BA is conducted by the Department of History.

General information

Type of study: single course university programme (BA)

Duration: six semesters (three years)

Nr.of ECTS: 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per year)


Programme objectivestop

The study is oriented towards learning and understanding historical processes and obtaining an up-to-date knowledge. At the 1st level students will be acquainted with historical interpretative methods and research topics. The objective is to apprise the students with a general insight and education in historical science, to develop their critical approach and their comprehension of the most significant turning points and processes in European, Mediterranean, World and Slovenian history. A special attention is dedicated to the social, cultural and economic dimensions of history studies.

The study programme reflects the employment needs oftop

The graduates will obtain theoretical and practical knowledge with a possibility to work in environments, which require broad-minded and knowledge about social and cultural problems, phenomenon and processes on local, national and international levels.

The graduates will be able to be employed in research institutions (co-workers and project work), governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions home and abroad, in political parties, in international political organizations, in the field of culture (cultural management, employees in museums, archives) and in consulting organizations in the field of culture (employees in tourism).

Curriculum top