Italian Studies


The single course university programme Italian Studies (BA) is conducted by the Department of Italian Studies.


General information

Type of programme: Single course university programme (BA)
Professional title: Bachelor of Italian (BA)
Duration: four years (eight semesters)
Nr. Of ECTS: 240 ECTS (60 per year)
Mode of the study: full time study


Programme objectives

The four-year 1st level study programme enables students to acquire the appropriate knowledge of Italian language, literature and intercultural linguistic communication. The undergraduate study is new and up-to-date and suitable for all levels of pre-knowledge, since the bilingual environment, spatial and cultural vicinity with Italy enable students to make great progress during the study period. Students develop a high level of communicative skills in Italian, deepen and gain new knowledge in the field of Italian language and literature. They are acquainted with different methodologies of scientific research and develop the skills of critical thinking and independent work. They learn how to use in practice the acquired knowledge and skills.



Italian studies graduates can be employed as consultants, moderators, coordinators, secretaries, text writers, proofreaders, editors, etc. in publishing and advertising agencies, tourism and other industries, public services, offices, municipalities, local communities. Graduates can continue their study on 2nd level in the pedagogic as well as in the linguistic Master’s degree programme of Italian studies.