Slovene Studies & Slovene Studies for Foreign Students


The Slovene Studies (BA) programme is conducted by the Department of Slovene Studies.

Basic information

Type of the programme: university study major programme (level 1)
Professional title: B.A. (University)
Duration of the study: three years (six semesters)
Credits acquired: 180 ECTS (60 per year)
Mode of study: full-time study

Programme descriptiontop

For foreign students (i.e. non-native speakers) the programme is specifically adapted to provide a gradual learning from basic Slovenian language and courses to a more specific ones. It also provides aditional courses in Slovenian language. Foreign students can prolong their first year of study for the purpose of learning Slovenian language, the so-called "Leto plus" (The Year +).

In the study programme, which takes place in the form of lectures, tutorials and seminars, students acquire a general Slovenian studies education in the field of language, Slovenian and world literatures. They develop critical thinking, independent work, and are educated for proofreading, teaching Slovenian language for foreigners, editorial work, creating press releases, etc.

The study also offers courses in learning the Didactics of Slovenian as a second/foreign language to provide skills in teaching Slovenian.

The graduates will be able to act as text writers, moderators, proofreaders, journalists, editors or designers of printed materials and teachers of Slovenian language for foreigners in:
• newspaper, television and radio editorial offices
• publishing, advertising agencies, cultural institutions (e.g. theaters, libraries ...),
• tourism and other business branches,
• Language schools.


Graduates are able to continue their studies at the master's degree (second level) programme of Slovenian studies with the education track.

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