Archaeological Heritage of the Mediterranean


The MA study programme Archaeological Heritage of the Mediterranean is conducted by the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies.

Basic information

Programme type: MA university programme
Degree title: MA in archaeology 
Programme duration: two years (four semestres)
NR of ECTS: 120 (60 per year)

Programme Descriptiontop

The study programme Archeological Heritage of the Mediterranean is designed to deepen and expand the professional competences of a student in the field of archaeology and archaeological heritage, including the theoretical aspects as well as the transfer of knowledge for applied use in the institutions engaged in the research, protection, promotion and marketing of archaeological heritage.

During the course of studies, students will have developed a profound insight into the state and development of the concepts of archeology and the protection of archaeological heritage, the knowledge of the basic practical scientific methods of archaeological science, conservation and museology, the knowledge of protection and promotion of archeology and cultural heritage, and the ability to solve problems as well as to use research results in theoretical scientific work.

Students will have the possibility of early involvement in research work through the Institute of Archeology and Heritage. They will have a rich professional library at their disposal in the quarters of the Institute in Piran. An important part of the study and understanding of archaeological heritage in practice are professional excursions. 

Programme curriculumtop