Italian Studies (Linguistics)


The single course university programme Italian Studies MA is conducted by the Department of Italian Studies.

General information

Type of programme: MA University Programme
Professional title: Master of Arts in Italian Language
Duration: two semesters
Nr. of ECTS: 60 ECTS
Type of study: full time study

Programme objectivestop

The Master's Degree programme in Italian Studies (2nd level)offers students in-depth training in literary, linguistic and cultural sciences, as well as scientific, methodological, theoretical and critical knowledge in the field of language and culture.

Internal and external elective courses, which are part of the programme, enrich and deepen the students’ knowledge acquired at the second level of Italian studies, particularly in the field of culture and art history of the geographical area in which the faculty is located.

During the 2nd level study, students of Italian studies (Linguistics) will upgrade the basic knowledge acquired in the course of first level studies and develop the ability to study original topics from their own field of study, independently recognize the appropriate strategies of in-depth study and methodological processing of a selected research problem. In their independent research work, they will develop critical skills in the use of basic information tools.


The master’s degree programme in Italian Studies enables students to get appropriate knowledge of Italian as a foreign, second or first language (members of the Italian community in Slovenia or Croatia), Italian literature in Italy and around the world and intercultural communication.

Among the most important objectives of this study programme is encouraging students to continue their study interruptedly up to the doctorate (PhD).

Due to specific knowledge graduates of Italian are able to successfully perform work at: the creation of products and services, publishing, media activities, tourism, marketing and market research, human resources management, market analysis, publishing and advertising.