The PhD study programme Archaeology is conducted by the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies.

Basic information

Programme type: PhD university programme
Degree title: PhD in Archaeology
Programme duration: three years (six semesters)
NR of ECTS: 180 (60 per year)

Programme descriptiontop

The programme retains the whole of inavoidable classical archaeological and historical knowledge, but connects the two in a modern, innovative way. Chronologically, it covers the periods from pre-history and ancient Mediterranean civilizations, through antiquity and the Middle Ages, to the archaeology of the recent period. Students have the option of selecting contents from other postgraduate programs as the credit-point system enables intensive integration with foreign faculties.

Special emphasis is placed on the methodological and theoretical approaches in archaeology and historiography, since each individually designed study curriculum contains at least one methodological assignment. The study course thus enables individual development of various contemporary concepts of archaeology, from the so-called archaeology of cultural circles, process archaeology as well as post-process approaches to the analysis and interpretation of human activities. At the same time, the program does not exclude classic historical approaches, such as political and economic history.

The selection of contents, theoretical orientation and the offer of practical knowledge ensure the international relevance of the study programme. The acquired knowledge enables practitioners to practice in the framework of national institutions, or to actively participate in the international arena. Due to the innovative quality of the curriculum and the wide-ranging subject-specific competences, the study programme is also interesting for foreign students, representing the possibility of expanding the Slovenian educational system to the areas of the North-West Balkans and the European Union.

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