Geography (PhD)


Basic information


Name and level of study program: Third cycle doctoral study program Geography
Scientific title: Doctor of science
Duration of the study program: 3 years (6 semesters), part-time study
Number of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points: 180

Program coordinator: Dr. Miha Koderman, Associate Professor 


Program objectivestop


The main purpose of the doctoral study program Geography is to provide theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of geography, as well as to develop competences that provide qualifications for independent research work and the creation of new fundamental (theoretical and methodological) knowledge, new contributions to science and the ability to use these competences on the domestic and international level.

The specific objectives of the study program are:

  1. to provide doctoral students with an in-depth understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts of geography as a complex science that encounters various fields of natural and social sciences;

  2. to provide doctoral students with the competences that will enable them to independently develop new basic and applied geographical knowledge using modern methods, for example Geographic information system (GIS);

  3. to provide doctoral students with the knowledge that enables solving concrete spatial problems in the (geographical) environment at the local, regional, national and international level by improving the existing approaches, as well as developing and discovering new solutions;

  4. to provide doctoral students with the knowledge that enables management and harmonization of complex systems in the field of various human activities, as well as management and coordination of theoretical and applied research projects in the field of geographical sciences;

  5. to qualify doctoral students as widely-trained researchers or professionals, competent to carry out interdisciplinary research projects and implement complex professional tasks.