Admission requirements



Admission requirements comply with Article 38 of ZVIS (HEA – Higher Education Act).  The programme enrolls candidates having the following study titles:

  • Graduates from 2nd level study programmes;
  • Graduates from university study programmes, in act before 11th June 2004;
  • Graduates from study programmes leading to a specialization, following a previously finished professional study programme in act before 11th June 2004; after having passed additional study obligations worth 30 to 60 ECTS; determined by a competent body from UP FHŠ and based on the candidate’s individual application and in consideration of his prior formal education. Study obligations may be fulfilled during study on 1st or 2nd level, other forms of formal education or with exams before enrollment in the programme
  • Graduates from study programmes accredited with at least 300ECTS and in accordance with paragraph four, Article 36 of Higher Education Act (unified master’s study programme);
  • Candidates who have completed an equivalent study programme abroad and meet the conditions for enrolment in compliance with existing legislation.


Before enrolment it is necessary to get the supervisor's agreement.