Dept. of Geography


About us

Department of Geography is one of the two founding cores of the Faculty of Humanities, as it began operating in 2001, when first students of bachelor degree program were enrolled in the study process. In the academic year 2017/2018, the department had 16 members – 4 of which were fully employed by the department, while others were external collaborators, coming from other faculties of the University of Primorska, the Anton Melik Geographical Institute of Research Centre in Ljubljana and the Karst Research Institute in Postojna (both operate under the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) and other institutions. The members of the department show a high degree of scientific research excellence in their fields of expertise and have achieved international respect in the field of geography with regular publication of scientific articles in renowned journals, organization of several international scientific conferences, and as chairs and members of International Geographical Union’s commissions and editorial committees.

The Department of Geography at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities, shows, by the structure of its programme, the enthusiasm of a young, dynamic, and modern professional orientation. The motivated teaching staff is a guarantee for obtaining the relevant competencies in the field of geography on the bachelor, master or doctoral study program.

Department memberstop

  • Dr. Miha Koderman, associate professor, Head of the Department of Geography
  • Dr. Mojca Poklar, assistant professor, Vice Head of the Department of Geography
  • Eneja Baloh, assistant
  • Dr. Valentina Brečko Grubar, assistant professor
  • Dr. Matej Gabrovec, assistant professor
  • Dr. Martin Knez, associate professor
  • Dr. Gregor Kovačič, associate professor
  • Dr. Janez Nared, assistant professor
  • Dr. Stanko Pelc, associate professor
  • Dr. Metka Petrič, associate professor
  • Dr. Tanja Pipan, associate professor
  • Dr. Tadej Slabe, full professor
  • Dr. Jurij Senegačnik, assistant professor
  • Borut Stojilković, assistant
  • Dr. Stanka Šebela, associate professor
  • Martina Zajc, lector
  • Dr. Matija Zorn, associate professor

Geography study programmestop

The role of geography within the University of Primorska is, in concordance with other departments, guiding the society towards the understanding of factors that form and rearrange the spatial reality of our planet, particularly in Europe and the upper Adriatic. After all, space, with all its material and spiritual or cultural attributes, is the very centre of a complex discussion and has become the main aim of geography. Modern-day geography tries to identify spatially relevant issues, find their causes, explain them and not least create a guideline for a solution suitable for the spatial and social development conditions. The past and current inadequate or less adequate management of natural and social sources offer geographers a wide array of possible study, research and activity.

After graduation, geographers will find employment in the sector of business and economy in the tourism sector; state administration; development agencies and planning institutes; educational institutions and research institutes; in media and other areas where spatial management is needed. We are particularly pleased of the fact that many graduate geographers are deciding to start their own businesses and contribute to the society they live in with their knowledge in the fields of GIS (Geographic Information System), environmental studies, information and tourist agencies and in other fields of the economy and administration. The understanding of the complex spatial problems (in contrast with its partial aspect) is the key advantage of graduate geographers. This is the asset geographers bring into the area of their activity.

Geography – Undergraduate Programme

Geography – MA Programme

Geography – PhD Programme