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About Us

The study of history at our department is oriented towards addressing historical processes, questions and problems, more than events. Through the tree study levels it offers an increasingly in-depth insight in all historical periods, focusing on European history and its Mediterranean dimension, as well as on Slovenian history and territory, not least as a contact area between Slavic, Romanic and Germanic cultural areas. Along with the more classic field of political history, the study at our department is distinguished by giving attention to fields of historical science such as social, cultural and economic history. Students achieve knowledge both from established and new methodological approaches as well as practical knowledge, enabling them to develop a critical approach to historical events and processes, as well as competences for independent work and research.

Lessons are held in small groups, allowing a personal approach between students and teachers. We have a motivated, enthusiastic teaching staff of all generations who are prominent researchers in their own field, coming both from the Faculty of Humanities in Koper and some of the most important research institutes in Slovenia, such as the Contemporary History Institute and the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences.


Department memberstop

dr. Aleksander Panjek, full professor, Head of the Department of History

dr. Ines Beguš, assistant professor

dr. Vilma Brodnik, assistant professor

mag. Neža Čebron Lipovec, assistant

dr. Jurij Hadalin, assistant professor

dr. Aleksej Kalc, associate professor

dr. Petra Kavrečič, assistant professor

dr. Miha Kosi, assistant professor

dr. Irena Lazar, full professor

dr. Žarko Lazarević, full professor

dr. Miha Preinfalk, assistant professor

dr. Gregor Pobežin, associate professor

dr. Katarina Šmid, assistant professor

dr. Marko Zajc, assistant professor


History Study Programmestop

The Department of History implements study programmes on all three levels of study: single and two course Undergraduate Programme (first level), single, two course and interdisciplinary Master Programme (second level) and PhD Programme (third level).


Study Programmestop

History, single course programme, BA

History, two-course programme, BA

History, single course programme, MA

History, single course pedagogical programme, 2nd level (in cooperation with UP PEF)

Heritage Tourism, interdisciplinary interfaculty programme, 2nd level (in cooperation with UP FTŠ – Turistica)

History of Europe and the Mediterranean, 3rd level (PhD)