Department of Media Studies


About the department 

The Department of Media Studies conducts two study programmes:

Undergraduate study programme: Communication and Media (BA)

Graduate study programme: Communication and Media (MA)

The Department of Media Studies commenced work in 2008 when the first students of BA degree programme of Media Studies were enrolled to study whereas the MA programme in Communication and Media has been taught in the Department since 2011. Teaching and research in the Department are multidisciplinary and cover a wide variety of topics in the field of communication and media studies such as journalism studies, philosophy, media economy, political science, anthropology, sociology, psychology, semiotics, linguistics, gender studies, literary studies, media literacy studies, and other fields and academic specialisms. The members of the Department are committed to the high quality of their academic work and to ways in which that academic work feeds directly into undergraduate and graduate teaching thus inspiring a new generation of media workers, experts, and thinkers. Our aim is to offer both basic and applied teaching experiences in which theory and practice, history and actuality, everyday media practice and media scholarship are combined in an intellectually reflexive manner. A diversity of methods are used for teaching, research, and analysis and a diversity of courses covering different needs for work in media, with media or about media are offered within the Department.

The Department of Media studies has several lecturers six of which are fully employed in the Department, while others are external collaborators, coming from other departments of the Faculty of Humanities, some from other faculties of the University of Primorska, and some from various media institutions in Slovenia. All those who teach in the Department have a high degree of excellence in scholarship in their fields and subfields of expertise covering teaching, research, and academic publication.

By the very structure of its two study programmes, the Department of Media Studies embodies open-mindedness, dialogue, pluralism, and academic diversity as the best guarantees for obtaining relevant knowledge and competencies in the field of communication and media studies at both the BA and MA level of study.

Department Lecturers