Department of Slovene Studies


About the Department

At the Department of Slovenian Studies in Koper, in a relaxed and multi-lingual environment, students are trained in small study groups for critical study of Slovenian and humanistic fields. They thus acquire linguistic tools and knowledge for studying literature, which will help them on their career paths in educational, translation, journalistic, publishing and sundry other fields.

Studying activities and networking

In addition to a variety of educational activities organized within the faculty – from literary readings, guest lectures to group visits of more distant theaters – Koper students of Slovenian can also participate in numerous activities at the University and in broader Koper environment, i.e. in the academic choir or as volunteers who provide educational help. Together we have fun on excursions, field trips and departmental picnics and hikes. We actively involve students in research, either independently or during the educational process, they can join the associations and publishers such as the University of Primorska, the Slavic Society Koper or the Center for Slovenian Language and Culture, and become part of a wider Slovenian community, gathered in, for example, the Slavic Society of Slovenia or the Slovenian Society for Comparative Literature.