Enrollment conditions: general matura examination and vocational matura programmes 

Programme duration: 3 years

Programme type: two-course university programme

Location of study: Koper

Language: english or slovenian


The programme offers basic social and cultural-anthropological knowledge about culture, society and human nature, a unique combination of content from social and cultural anthropology, ethnology and cultural studies, a challenging environment for anthropological study in a bilingual, multicultural Mediterranean border region, an individual approach with small student groups, interesting multi-day fieldwork camps, a creative atmosphere in art workshops, a close combination  of teaching and research, internationally renowned lecturers, exchanges abroad, programme offered in both Slovenian and English for international students.

Employment possibilities

A wide range of possibilities thanks to in-depth knowledge of human nature, contemporary and past cultural and social processes:

• in the public and economic sectors,

• in research institutions,

• in tourism,

• in diplomacy,

• in applicative projects related to heritage and society in general,

• in medical, social, media and other governmental or non-governmental institutions.


Description of courses